Frequently Asked Questions

Bring On the Questions

A. Nothing—until you are successful. We are only compensated after you generate commissions or fees. Because we are only successful when you are, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our Affiliates with the best support, training, technology and solutions in the industry. This commitment to your success is why you should choose to partner with America’s Tax Solutions®.

A. With Affiliates across the United States, we’ve helped tax and accounting professionals from large firms and small firms, with varying clientele, and from totally different backgrounds, become successful at investment planning services. While we can’t guarantee your success, we can tell you that with over 30 years’ industry experience, we know what it takes for you to become successful, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you have the support and resources you need.

A. Allocation of time is one of the most common obstacles accountants face. Because we specialize in working with tax and accounting professionals who already have a business to run, we understand the time constraints you face. You will find that we use that knowledge to make sure you have the support and resources you need to transition and incorporate this business efficiently and at the pace you need.

Consider the benefits you and your clients may enjoy if you dedicate time to adding financial services to your practice. Your clients will be more satisfied because they’re getting on track for their goals, and, as a result, they will refer more clients to you. You will be personally satisfied seeing your client’s reach their goals and your business will grow.

Our Partners Program solution can help you grow your business, save time and raise revenue, while providing a valuable service to your clients.

A. Absolutely not! Specializing in financial services may trigger expansion of your practice faster than otherwise possible. In addition, you’ll be establishing your specialization early in your career, enhancing your long-term credibility as a one-stop tax and financial planning firm.

A. Not a thing! America’s Tax Solutions® invests in your practice and provides the capital to get your firm fully functioning and producing revenue for you.

A.  Many tax professionals, CPAs in particular, have referral networks established to service the financial planning needs of their clients. Theoretically, this is a good way to service your clients’ needs while sticking to a single service. Unfortunately, the data from Tiburon Strategic Affiliates shows that these reciprocal arrangements are not an even trade. On average, tax professionals who add financial services and help clients themselves have higher overall revenues than tax professionals who refer business to a professional network in expectation of a tax referral. That means either there is no reciprocal referral, or the referrals received do not add the same amount of revenues to your practice as financial services would produce. The data indicates that the average value of a financial planning client is $307 annually. So when you refer one of your clients to a broker, you would have to expect to receive $307 or more in revenue from a reciprocal referral to equal the income generated by financial planning. If you’re interested in growing your practice and increasing your income, adding financial services to your practice is the better business decision.

A. If you are a tax and accounting professional, we are the partner you need. The support and training America’s Tax Solutions provides is a rare commodity in the financial services industry. As a tax and accounting professional with a busy schedule, support and training are the keys to your success at integrating financial services. Because of our extensive experience partnering with individuals like you, we know what it takes to be successful at implementing financial services into a tax practice. As your partner, we will show you how to do it.

A. We understand you, the tax and accounting professional, better than any other firm out there. We have tailored our services and support to best meet the needs of Affiliates just like you. Remember, we are only successful when you are. We view our Affiliates as partners in this business and, therefore, we are partners in each other’s success.

A. That’s a great question, but we look at it differently. We have nothing to gain unless you are successful. Why would we spend so much time, effort and money trying to get you to partner with us unless we were convinced you could do well?

A. To ensure that the highest professional standards are met, we conduct an extensive reference check before someone can become affiliated with us. We require each Advisor to pledge in writing to us that they will maintain the highest professional standards, abide by the America’s Tax Solutions Code of Ethics, adhere to all applicable rules and regulations and maintain the appropriate knowledge and skills required to professionally serve their clients. We continually monitor our Affiliates to ensure compliance with applicable rules, regulations and educational requirements to be certain they are conducting themselves professionally.

A. No. There is simply no other firm in the country that can support your professional needs like America’s Tax Solutions®. Tax and accounting professionals transfer their licenses to us from other firms daily. The reason is other firms are geared to support stockbrokers and insurance agents so they do not understand your requirements as a tax and accounting professional. No other firm offers you, the tax and accounting professional, support tailored to your needs.

On average, America’s Tax Solutions® Affiliates convert more of their existing tax clients to financial planning clients. They also gain more assets under management and they produce higher overall revenues than tax and accounting professionals who use other independent broker-dealers or custodial firms.

Having worked with tax and accounting professionals for over 10 years, we know that most questions arise when you’re visiting with the client. To get a timely answer, you don’t have the luxury of scheduling an appointment with your local broker-dealer—you need to call someone. Our toll-free number is available to you, and you will find America’s Tax Solutions® staff on duty and ready to help you from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays. We also maintain extended hours during tax season to make sure you have access to the support you need.

A. Yes. Our Affiliates have access to a comprehensive financial planning software package that helps you analyze and present your recommendations to clients. The core modules are free, saving you time and money obtaining your own software.

A. We understand the importance of an Internet presence, therefore, we offer our Affiliates a free customizable business website for marketing your services to clients and prospects. You can also showcase information about your practice, your investment philosophy, photos, directions to your office and more. 

A. Most of our Affiliates get the Series 6 license, because it is more than adequate for what they want in their practices. Think about it this way: Do you want to manage individual security portfolios where the client is inclined to call you on a daily basis to see how the portfolio is performing?

Or would you prefer to implement sound financial advice using mutual funds that are professionally managed by a team of analysts that have management of that portfolio as their only job responsibility?

For most of our Representatives, it is a simple business decision. If you have the time and you’re motivated to go through the additional study time, you can take the Series 7 exam. It will provide good insight and you’ll learn about individual securities and options.

A. How quickly you get licensed depends on how serious you are about getting up and running as soon as possible. The minimum recommended study time for the primary exams are:

ExamStudy Time
Life40 hours
640 hours
790 hours
6320 hours
6545 hours

A. If everything checks out on your U-4, compliance generally won’t have any additional questions for you. You can expect to be active within one to three weeks after we receive your application and form U-5 from your prior broker-dealer.

A: It’s very easy. Simply contact your America’s Tax Solutions® Advisor recruiter and complete the following steps:

  • Pre-Application
  • Licensing Application
  • Complete three Fingerprint Cards
  • Submit All Items Via Overnight Mail to our Denver headquarters

After we receive your items, your application will be reviewed. When it is approved by America’s Tax Solutions®, we will set up your exam window(s) and order your study materials so you can start studying for your securities exam(s). After you have passed your exam(s), FINRA will review your file and notify us when you are approved as a Registered Representative.

You will then begin working with your America’s Tax Solutions® Wealth Management Consultant and taking part in our extensive training programs. We will prepare you to start making a difference in the financial lives of your clients.

A: Yes. Our Affiliates should protect themselves by purchasing E&O insurance. We have a partnership with many companies that allow our Affiliates purchase E&O insurance at very competitive rates.

A. Yes. We provide a structured roadmap for CPAs to expand their practice to include wealth management services. This process involves analyzing data from the 1040s and then having our exclusive and proprietary software package do a through client analysis and provide specific recommendations for each client.

A. This program has shown that retention can be improved over a four-year period of time for 65% to 85% of clients served. In addition, over a three-year period of time, the accounting work will change from” stack and rack” to true “advisor services” that provide far more fulfilling accounting work and higher revenue per client.

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